Haika Shah

Sales Head


Haika is a shining example of what it means to be truly hardworking. From a young age, she exhibited a remarkable drive and an insatiable thirst for knowledge and success. Her pursuit of excellence is awe-inspiring, and it’s clear that she is destined for great things.

One of the most striking qualities about Haika is her relentless dedication. She approaches every task with an unwavering commitment to giving her absolute best. Whether it’s her academics, her career, or her personal passions, she tackles each challenge with a spirit of enthusiasm that is truly contagious.

Haika’s work ethic is unparalleled. She doesn’t shy away from long hours or difficult assignments; instead, she embraces them as opportunities to learn and grow. Her determination is like a beacon, guiding her through even the most challenging of circumstances, and it’s a testament to her character.


Communication 70%
Problem Solver100%